Mentoring & Discipleship

Two are better than one

When you plant a seed in the ground, the expectation is that it should sprout and grow. But you need the right environment and the seed requires the necessary water, nutrients, and care to fully grow. The same is true for our spiritual lives. We need to be “planted” in the right environment and we need the necessary ingredients to grow to our full potential. We provide that environment and those ingredients through one-on-one mentoring & discipleship. We are ready to help you grow strong spiritually and reach your full potential in Christ.

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My wife and I owe our salvation to the Lord, and Cru staff were our shepherds and guides on our journey! – Casey

Cru has significantly strengthened my walk with the Lord in the last 3 years of being discipled by Kay.  I have grown from a baby Christian to a mature Daughter of the Most High God.  God is now using me in Prison Ministry, evangelism and leadership roles at my church. – Gerri

Cru Austin was pivotal in my journey with Christ!  My ability to walk by faith soared because of their commitment to walk alongside me as I put what I learned into practice.  Through the years, I grew to become a leader and still use their materials with others who are interested in spiritual growth. – Lisa

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