Changing the World Through Business

Transforming lives through launching Kingdom business overseas

Many nations may be closed to the gospel and to traditional mission efforts. But most all are “open for business.” That is, they are willing for businesses to be launched, even those founded on biblical principles and practices because of the value these business bring to the community.

Dr. David Livingstone, medical doctor and missionary to Africa in the 1800’s said, “Those two pioneers of civilization – Christianity and commerce – should ever be inseparable.”

The man highlighted in this clip is a great example of someone who understands and embraces his call to business. It is a marvelous picture of how to integrate your faith and vocation and view business as ministry.

Stanley Tam, an entrepreneur and author of the book, “God Owns My Business,” writes, “But, though I believe in application of good principles in business, I place far more confidence in the conviction that I have a call from God. I’m convinced that His purpose for me is in the business world. My business is my pulpit.”