When: March 25th, 2020 9 am-1pm Lunch included
Where: Hill Country Bible Church-North Auditorium
12124 RR 620 N Austin, 78750

Questions: Brad.Hopp@cru.org

Our culture is rapidly changing. The issues we face today in our cities are complex, yet many of our evangelistic strategies were created decades ago. People are demanding more from Christians. Today many outside the Church view Christians as hypocritical and narrowminded. We don’t have the credibility that we enjoyed in former generations. How can we gain an audience with those far from the cross? How do we effectively engage others with the Gospel?

The Gospel Engagement in a Changing Culture workshop seeks to answer these questions as we explore the needs of people and the desires of those who seek gospel proclamation in the city. For two years, the City division of Cru has been exploring how we can be more effective connecting with our audience. We’ve been asking how followers of Jesus can minister in the wild field of the city.

Cru commissioned extensive qualitative and quantitative research by Local Industries (localindustries.com) which will be introduced throughout the workshop. Many of the principles gleaned from our research have informed our approach to the city, and can be easily applied to any audience—a neighborhood, campus, sports team, school, church or the workplace. We will introduce seven personas along a wide spectrum of spiritual faith and belief. The Workshop will also reveal the five things that our research reveals need to be present in a relationship and conversation in order to gain trust and engagement.

Through these workshops, church leaders and lay people are experiencing new freedom and fruit in their opportunities for Gospel witness and growing in significant relationships with people on their spiritual journeys.