Over 40 business and non-profit leaders came together for an all-day workshop on
November 4th, entitled Crucial Conversations based on the NY Times best-selling
book. Our Cru City Austin team loved getting to know the participants, learning
together, and receiving tremendous feedback.

Here are a few of your comments:

“I only wish I’d taken this course YEARS ago to help in every aspect of my personal and professional life.”

“Masterfully taught, not a wasted second.”

“This course will help me have an overdue conversation with my boss.”


“Crucial Conversations – This is a life changing event.”

Our Master Trainer, Greg Stephens, was OUTSTANDING and received very high marks
for the content, his enthusiasm, authenticity, and tremendous personal examples that
made it real and practical for each one of us.

If you recall, Greg asked for help to connect with any high-leverage leaders who want to
improve their leadership and communication skill . . . for both personal and
professional development. I believe the course runs for 12 weeks and is limited to a
select group of 12 individuals. If you think of any potential candidates, please reach out
to Greg on that. Contact information for him is below.

This practical, interactive workshop helped us to learn to:

  • Keep composure when feeling angry, defensive, or intimidated.
  • Speak honestly and respectfully.
  • Find and cultivate mutual purpose with those who hold opposing
  • Recognize the warning signs when you’re at cross-purpose and take steps
    to rebuild safety and return to dialogue.
  • Bring people back to dialogue when they clam up or blow up.

Most of the participants indicated an interest to be informed of future Cru events and
also learn more about growing personally, professionally, and spiritually. We look
forward to being a potential resource for your continued development.

Feel free to contact us at austin@cru.org. or check out our website at austincru.com.

A Note from Greg Stephens

Thank you for joining us for the Cru sponsored Crucial Conversations class last Friday. I
wanted to formally thank Cru City Austin for their commitment to serve the people of Austin,
TX. Although we did not speak about the spiritual dimension of life and the effect Crucial
Conversations has in that arena, my wife Emily and I have been encouraged, helped, and
blessed through one on one conversations with many of the Cru City Austin Staff. If you are
searching and examining yourself in the spiritual context, you might find it valuable to reach
out to Cru if you would like to deepen your knowledge, ask questions, or just have an
authentic conversation of what kind of peace a spiritual conversation can bring to your life.
Although we have power over what we believe, what we believe holds real power over us,
especially the power to heal.

I appreciate the commitment it took to put aside your Friday and make it to class. I hope
you implement the skills you learned and improve your relationships. I wish you all the best!

My Best,
Greg Stephens | Founder | Alignment Resources
Email: Greg@Alignment-resources.com
Phone: (512) 750-4734
Podcast: Ashotofinspiration.com

Struggling to keep up with life?

Watch this 1-hour video for practical tips and tools on Overcoming Stress.

You will learn to:

  • recognize stress-inducing habits,
  • apply principles for greater productivity, and
  • change and improve your home and work routine


Meet the Presenter

David Wright, CEO, Dale Carnegie Training of Austin, Houston, San Antonio.

Dave’s formal studies are in Business Management, Coaching, and Adult Education. He received his MA in Adult Education and Workplace Learning from Texas State University. Dave is a dynamic speaker, leader, and entrepreneur.

At the age of 22, Dave was the youngest Dale Carnegie® Instructor ever certified. Over the past 30 years, Dave has been the Dale Carnegie® Sales Manager for Vancouver, Canada; Regional Manager for Oregon/SW Washington; and he is currently the President of Dale Carnegie Training of Austin/Houston, Texas.

Since arriving in Texas, Dave Wright has led the organization to unprecedented growth, and he achieved the “Founders Club” award from Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. for the fastest growing office in North America. He received ongoing international growth awards resulting in a tenfold revenue increase since 2008.

During his time with Dale Carnegie®, Dave has received ongoing international recognition as a premier trainer, including the prestigious “Global Trainer of the Year” award (out of 3500 Dale Carnegie trainers worldwide).

Dave has conducted over 5000 sessions throughout North America, and has been a featured speaker at the Dale Carnegie® International Convention five times.

Dave’s clients include a variety of industries and organizations, with programs delivered to both the employees and management of numerous companies, including: Dell, Texas A&M, Crane, Marathon, CITGO, VMWare, & Electronic Arts (EA).

Dave also sits as a board member for Independent Petroleum Association of America as they continue to expand their
commitment of education outreach.

While most simply ignore the problem, one dynamic organization is doing everything possible to mitigate the problem of homelessness. If you’re not familiar with Mobile Loaves & Fishes and their development Community First! Village you will be fascinated to “meet” them and hear about the hope and transformation they are providing to those experiencing homelessness.

We interview Matt Freeman, the spiritual director Community First! Village, a development of tiny homes and trailers providing housing, work, and community to its residents lifted out of chronic homelessness. Matt has a compelling personal story and highlights the work of this vital, transformational community.

Craig and Jen Ferguson
Craig and Jen Ferguson

Cru City Austin interviewed an Austin couple, Craig and Jen Ferguson who have weathered the breakdown of trust and intimacy in their marriage due to the use of pornography. The Fergusons told their story in a live interview format of how they found hope and healing through biblical counsel and understanding the root of addiction. They have encouraged others as they provided practical tips to developed healthy and fulfilling relationships, experienced forgiveness, and rediscovered oneness and intimacy in their marriage. They even wrote a book on the subject entitled, “Pure Eyes, Clean Heart: a Couple’s Journey to Freedom from Pornography.”

Every parent’s worst nightmare. At 4 years old, Owen Coulter was brought to Dell Children’s after complaining of a headache and his body turning cold. His heart stopped in the ER where he underwent 90 minutes of CPR. If he miraculously survived, what damage might he have sustained? His parents, Kristin and Darin Coulter were told, “He may not know who you are; he may not be able to eat or walk.” The crisis the Coulter’s faced that day and the weeks following would require tremendous courage. How did they do it? What helped them endure such a terrifying experience?