As you are aware, marriage is under assault and pornography has had a devastating affect on marriages worldwide. The pornography industry’s annual revenue is more than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined. 56% of divorces involve one of the spouses having an obsessive interest in porn and a person is more than 300% more likely to commit an affair if they are using porn while they are married.

On Tuesday, April 20, 2021 Cru City Austin interviewed an Austin couple, Craig and Jen Ferguson who have weathered the breakdown of trust and intimacy in their marriage due to the use of pornography. The Fergusons told their story in a live interview format of how they found hope and healing through biblical counsel and understanding the root of addiction. They have encouraged others as they provided practical tips to developed healthy and fulfilling relationships, experienced forgiveness, and rediscovered oneness and intimacy in their marriage. They even wrote a book on the subject entitled, “Pure Eyes, Clean Heart: a Couple’s Journey to Freedom from Pornography.”