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Courage in Crisis

When Leadership Matters

Life lessons. What can a New Mexico gal, who grew up on farms in both Colorado and New Mexico, teach us? A whole lot.

Cru City Austin, in partnership with LeaderImpact, is honored to hear from Captain Tammie Jo Shults as she shares highlights of her life journey, in a special interview with Emmy-winning Austin News Anchor Walt Maciborski. Texas Governor Greg Abbott will also give welcoming remarks, having had the privilege of inducting Shults into the 2018 Texas Women’s Hall of Fame.

In this brief hour, we’ll glean wisdom from a faith-filled woman, who learned early on the value of physical labor on her family’s farms, who didn’t tolerate mistreatment of others as “second class citizens,” and held her ground (through a career spent in the air) rising up through Navy ranks. Shults was one of the Navy’s first female fighter pilots, among the elite to fly F/A-18 supersonic Hornets.

But the road was not easy. She faced numerous challenges, blatant opposition, and was strategically targeted while working towards her goals. Gender bias and later health challenges did not stop her from piloting as Captain for a commercial airline. Overcoming regular obstacles helped build her character and technical skills for the fateful day on April 17, 2018, when Captain Shults piloted Southwest 1380 to a successful landing, after its life-threatening mid-air explosion from engine failure.

Join our webinar to learn about the qualities of effective leadership: how confidence, competence, persistence, and resilience are crucial to success. Hear Shults speak on the building-block importance of habits, demonstrated by each member of her Southwest crew, and how faith remains paramount to weathering life’s storms and crises.

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Thursday, January 28, 2021
12 pm-1 pm CST via Zoom

Greg Abbott
Governor of Texas

Walt Maciborski
Emmy Award-winning
Austin News Anchor

L-R: Flight attendants Kathryn Sandoval, Seanique Mallory, Rachel Fernheimer, First Officer Darren Ellisor, and Captain Tammie Jo Shults.
Photo: CBS This Morning

For information on Captain Shults’s book Nerves of Steel, with an opportunity to download 4 free chapters, click HERE.


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