Hear Daniel Rangel’s talk on “What is True Success?”

On Saturday, June 1st, 2019,  volunteers with Cru City Austin gathered in SE Austin to have fun and give back to our community.

How to Have Respectful Dialogue in an Angry World

Did you miss our latest Cru Workshop?  We had a great presentation by David Wright on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

Dave pointed out that we live in an angry world where resolving conflicts in a productive and reasonable way seems to be a lost skill. When you disagree with someone, is it possible to have respectful dialogue without attacking each other?

If you missed the event you can listen to or download Dave’s presentation on our podcast site HERE.

Dave Wright

Dave Wright brings a wealth of experience and practical insights into how to manage emotions and express opinions in a productive way that leads to acceptance of each other.  He helps people apply techniques that empower them to disagree diplomatically, whether at home or at work. He also explains how having spiritual values can help us improve our relationships, even with those who are difficult.

*  33 year career with Dale Carnegie
*  President of Dale Carnegie Training for Austin since 2007
*  Over past 10 years  Dale Carnegie Austin business has grown tenfold winning multiple awards for growth and trainer quality
*  In 2016 added the Houston territory


Are you frustrated with yourself, co-workers or family members who make promises to be different people, but lack follow through?  Everyone finds it difficult to make positive changes in their lives.  Even when we do begin to make progress in a healthy direction, we sometimes struggle to maintain new patterns over time.

Earlier this year Cru City Austin hosted a special seminar featuring Dr. Chris Thurman. Dr. Thurman is an expert at helping people bring lasting improvement to their personal and spiritual lives.  In this seminar he explored why change is so difficult and shared principles to help us break out of our bondage to unhealthy ways of living.  He also shared perspectives on how spiritual values and faith in God can help the process of change.

If you missed hearing this significant message you can hear on our podcast site HERE.