An itch led Sande to a doctor’s appointment

At the doctor’s office Sande had a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy because suspicious cells were found. Her first response was, “Lord, You would only need to say the word and I would not have to deal with this, but it’s not my will but Thy will be done.”

An Itch!  That’s what started my journey!

An itch that led me to a doctor’s appointment, a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy because suspicious cells were found. And, I’m thinking, how can this be? There’s no history of cancer in my family! My prayer at this point and throughout my diagnosis was…

“Lord, You would only need to say the word and I would not have to deal with this, but it’s not my will but Thy will be done.”

Now, I’d like to say that my miracle answer was…No cancer, whatever it was is gone! But God…had a different plan.

Next on my journey was a breast MRI, and cat scan. Two months after the initial itch came the diagnosis! 6.5 cm Lobular carcinoma, ER positive, PR/HER2 negative! As I heard all the medical jargon, the peace that surrounded me astounded my daughter. In fact, when we left the Oncologist’s office, she said…

“Mom, I don’t think you’re dealing with the reality of what they just told you.”

My response back was…

“Sweetheart, God has given me an incredible sense of peace and joy even hearing what the medical field is describing my year to look like. And, I know He will give you the same peace and joy if you will trust Him with this.” So she did! And, so did my two granddaughters.

As 2017 started, so did chemotherapy. The oncology team told me of the horrendous side effects of the type of chemotherapy I would be on and it did not sound good. But through prayer and trusting God, Fear had no place in my mind. Standing firm in my faith, knowing God was holding my hand through this valley, the side effects were actually minimal! And, Peace and Joy filled my heart and mind to comfort me one day at a time.

Halfway through chemo, I was truly able to thank God for allowing me the privilege to take this journey with Him because of the people He brought into my life, the cancer team, prayer partners, friends that supplied meals and especially other chemo patients that I could share the Hope that I had as a result of trusting God with all of it.

One of the chemo patients that God brought across my path was Cheryl. It was a week before I actually started my chemo. She was ahead of me waiting for the elevator. I could tell she was a lot further along in her cancer treatment than I was, since she had no hair. There I am standing behind her realizing she was headed where I was going

In a still small voice, I heard, “I want you to pray for her.” My response to God was, “OK!” and I shot up an arrow prayer.  Again, that still small voice echoed back, “I want you to ask her name and let her know that you will pray for her!” What LORD? I don’t want to embarrass her…are you sure?

Again, I heard, “Tap her on the shoulder, ask her for her name and pray for her.” Now, I have had promptings from the Lord to pray for someone that I know but some stranger face-to-face? Not that I recall. So, I did tap her on the shoulder, as she turned around, I saw such a sadness. I asked her name and said God wanted me to pray for her. She told me her name as we went into the elevator. I prayed for her complete healing and that she would receive peace and joy.

As I left the chemo center that day, I turned around to see Cheryl waving at me with a big smile on her face. What a change from the hopelessness I saw in her at the elevator. All I could do was give God thanks and praise for allowing me the privilege to experience the joy of seeing another patient filled with the hope of God’s plan.

As I mentioned in my diagnosis, my tumor was 6.5 cm. At that time, my surgeon said after chemo I would need to have a mastectomy. But God…had other plans in place. After chemo, my tumor was reduced to a little darkened area and would only require a lumpectomy! Praise God! He is so good! I had opportunities to share with my surgeon and oncologist the goodness of God and His plan! They just raised their eyebrows!

It was now the Radiologist’s plan for me to have 30 rounds of radiation. I had a difficult time accepting his plan. I told my daughter about my apprehension of having all 30 rounds, but she said, “Mom, just do what they say.” It still did not set well with me. The next day my daughter called me and said, “mom, you are so right, 30 is too much!” She was doing her continuing education for her Cytogenetic’s license and one of the topics that very day was titled, “Is there too much radiation being given for breast cancer?”  Overwhelmingly, the answer was yes.

Again, I expressed my concern to my radiologist, but he was sticking with his plan because it was protocol from 50 years ago.

But God… made it clear that 30 was too much! After my 12th round of full field radiation, I had an episode where the radiation hit my larynx and I was not able to speak or swallow for 3 days… This to me was a clear sign that 12 was enough. And, two years later my doctors report that it was the right amount for me.

Just as an update, my body has fully recovered five months of chemo, two surgeries, and twelve rounds of radiation. I am feeling great and rejoicing every time I hear my doctors say that there is no sign of cancer.

Today, I want to encourage you that no matter what you are facing…a medical diagnosis, a job loss, or a relationship loss, Trust God for His miracle of walking with you through your situation…Look for His blessings along the way, thank and praise Him and the greater miracle will be a more intimate trusting relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.