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Can Prayer Make a Difference in the Business World?

The current pandemic spurred leaders of a firm to offer to pray for everyone in their network of 200-250 people. Covid19 was an impetus to step out in faith and make public what they believe. One partner wrote, “Quite candidly, we can think of no better way to serve you as our partners…. the weakest prayer is far more powerful than the boldest wish…”

June 15, 2020 – 1-2 minute read.


Hiding in a Dark Place

Not only was my womb empty but my heart seemed barren as well. I felt like the prodigal child until I came home and my Heavenly Father ran to me and threw His arms around me! I finally felt safe again. That’s when the healing began.

Lisa – May 2020 – 4 minute read.

A Story of Forgiveness

It was a Saturday morning when I heard my mother on the phone and knew something terrible had happened to my dad, my first love.

Jessica – September 2019 – 3 minute read.

“I asked God to provide a spiritual coach”

“When I finally finished my PhD, I had a lot of pent up energy, so I decided to take up rowing.” But Michele found rowing by herself wasn’t working well.

Michele Hake, PhD – April 2019 – 3 minute read